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Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Run Out Sale

In order to clear out some old stock to make way for the new BCA Compliant Signs, WAYOUT are offering discounts on various EXIT and Fire Extinguisher signs. Hurry as this offer is available only while stock lasts!

Powered exit signs are expensive to operate and significantly increase your buildings carbon footprint, yet most people simply accept this as they believe they ‘just have to be there’. But in accordance with the BCA, there is an alternative to use in the doorways of your Class 2 building.

Using our photoluminescent technology, WAYOUT exit signs will glow for a period of 12 hours with only 5 minutes of charge from ambient light already within the building. A powered sign is not visible in an emergency if power is out and backup batteries fail, however a charged luminous exit sign will glow regardless.

Photoluminous Emergency Exit Sign vs Powered Sign

  • Failsafe in the event of an emergency where there is total darkness caused by smoke or power failure
  • Ease of installation, with no need for wiring, batteries or ongoing maintenance
  • Existing lighting will provide necessary charge, meaning a significant cost saving on ongoing power requirements
  • Aside from cost savings, there will be a significant reduction in your organizations carbon footprint by using this environmentally friendly product
  • 90% cost saving on installation, or a payback period of 1 year if replacing existing systems

Photoluminous Exit Signs Provide a Simple way to Save Money

The savings speak for themselves. Up against typical 4W and 10W powered systems, WayOut photolumiscent exit signs can save you thousands every year.

Comparison based off a building with 100 exit signs Way Out Photoluminescent Typical 10W Fluorescent Typical 4W Cold Cathode
Relative Purchase Price of System $2,500 $30,000 $15,000
Energy Consumed per Annum (kWh) 0 8,059 5,782
Greenhouse Gas Emissions per Annum (kg) 0 9,590 6,880
Operating costs per Annum 0 $1,805 $1,295
Replacement Costs per Annum 0 $7,000 $338
Total Costs Over 10 years $2500 $118,053 $31,331

Applications Include:

  • Aviation decals
  • Underground rail tunnels
  • Building evacuation systems
  • Portable structures
  • Maritime
  • Vitreous enamel signs for outdoor use which have a 25 year warranty

Australian Made

Made in Australia

Our photoluminescent exit signs are made locally, using environmentally friendly products which are self-extinguished under fire. Designed specifically for use in the exit doorways of your class 2 building, we use the standard ‘running man’ pictogram which will seamlessly match your existing evacuation signage.

With a high bond self-adhesive backing, installation of the signs is simple and can either be carried out by the buildings own staff or with the assistance of a WAYOUT professional. With 20 years experience in the photoluminescent industry, feel safe knowing that you are using the best.

Powder Extinguisher Luminous Sign

Powder Extinguisher Luminous Sign

Size: 225mm x 225mm

Panel: 1mm Polypropylene with self adhesive backing

Price: $15.00 each (RRP $20.00) +Postage

Running Man EXIT Luminous SIGN [300mm x 150mm]

Running Man EXIT Luminous SIGN

[330mm x 152mm]

Size: 330mm x 152mm

Panel: 1mm Polypropylene with self adhesive backing

Price: $17.50 each (RRP $24.90) +Postage

EXIT Sign Running Man Left or Right

EXIT Sign Running Man Left or Right

Size: 330mm x 152mm

Panel: 1mm Polypropylene with self adhesive backing

Price: $17.50 each (RRP $24.90) +Postage

Fire Extinguisher Luminous Sign

Fire Extinguisher

Size: 150mm x 225mm

Panel: 1mm Polypropylene with self adhesive backing

Price: $12.50 each (RRP $20.00) +Postage

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